Whitchurch WI

The Whitchurch Women’s Institute is a friendly, mixed-age group of ladies who come together every month (and sometimes more often) to socialise with old friends and make new friends, take part in activities, and learn about interesting topics.

Whitchurch Tennis Club

Our Tennis Club is a relatively small, friendly club for adults and children of all abilities who want to play some informal tennis. In addition, club members who also want to play more competitively can take part in league matches against other local teams.

Testbourne Parishes Twinning Association

The Association was formed in 1979 as an independent organisation to promote friendship with French families residing in or around the town of Neuvic-sur-l’Isle in the Dordogne district of France.
We have carried on this friendship and now have annual reciprocal visits between Neuvic and the Whitchurch area (one year we stay in France and the next year the French stay with us).