The vacancy on Whitchurch Town Council has been filled by KEITH WATTS, a well known figure in the Town.

Keith WattsWith only one candidate for the seat which had been vacated by Shane Whittingham, it has been announced by the Returning Officer that the election is ‘Uncontested’ and that Keith Watts has been duly elected as Parish Councillor for Whitchurch Town.

Keith, who lives in Newbury Street, was for many years a LibDem Borough Councillor on Basingstoke Council, retiring in April 2018. He has served the town in many capacities over many years and remains active within his political party and many other groups.

When Keith retired from the Borough Council he said:

“In my first year as Borough Councillor for Whitchurch, eleven years ago, I recognised that my top priority had to be obtaining more affordable homes for local people to rent. It has been quite a struggle with various setbacks but worth all the time and effort.”

He also is well-known in the local Quiz events.