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Local campaigners fighting a US company that wants to build a massive incinerator overlooking the Test Valley and visible for miles around, hope the Government’s pledge to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050 will help their case.

Protesters say the proposed incinerator alongside the A303 between Longparish and the Barton Stacey junction would add to global warming. The fifty-metre-tall building, the equivalent of twenty storeys, would also shade a nearby green energy solar farm, considerably reducing its output and would be just 1.2 kms from the world famous River Test.

A spokesman for the Keep Test Valley Beautiful group, Andy Jolliffe said: “It just doesn’t make any sense to be building dirty, polluting incinerators while the nation is trying to take drastic action to reduce its emissions.” He added: “It’s alarming that industry and government still claim waste incineration is ‘green’. The reality is very different, as incineration emits more climate changing gasses per unit of electricity than even coal or oil powered generation.

The number of lorry movements accessing the proposed site has been calculated at four hundred or more, for every 24 hour operational day. Many of them will be transporting waste from up to at least two hours away. Hampshire County Council already deals with all its own waste with three smaller incinerators across the county.

In an earlier article published on this website Whitchurch Town Councillor John Buckley wrote;


“When the news broke that an Waste Incinerator the size of Battersea Power Station could be built within just a few miles of Whitchurch, I and others including the Town Council, asked various local representatives to put pressure on Wheelabrator to hold meetings in Whitchurch so that local residents could have input.

Regretably Wheelabrator refused to hold a public meeting as part of the last scoping consultation which determines the issues that need addressing as part of any future Planning Application. Whitchurch Town Council and others sent in submissions without the benefit of a local public meeting. These were only held by them in Barton Stacey and Longparish despite Whitchurch’s close proximity and larger population.

However Kit Malthouse has just sent me (and no doubt others) the following for which he is thanked. I believe this is worth sharing (emphasis below is mine).”

“Further to previous correspondence about the application for a new waste to energy plant and incinerator in Longparish which lies just outside the constituency, I have met the company concerned, Wheelabrator, to discuss their proposals and to pass on the very strong reaction locally to this facility and the size of it. I specifically requested that they hold an engagement event in Whitchurch. They have agreed to do this and when we get the date and the time I will let you know”.

Wheelabrator are expected to make a formal planning application in the coming months, but unfortunately, despite assurances given, there is still no sign of the meeting the company agreed to hold in Whitchurch.


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