A new campaign has started. This new poster/notice is to be circulated.

With Covid-19 affecting all our lives one area has suffered considerably due to the lockdown restrictions – the local businesses of Whitchurch.

Wide range of businesses
Whitchurch has a wide variety of local businesses ranging from the excellent retail shops, business services and trades folk, through to cottage craft workers, designers, health and fitness providers, builders and even honey producers and pottery makers.

Doors are beginning to open
The Covid-19 crisis required many of those with premises to close, including much loved town centre shops such as Daisy Down gifts, Paynes the Printers, Dowlings and the Dolls House shop. Some have been able to run limited services such as meal deliveries, while others such as hairdressers and pubs have been forced to cease all trade. However with the ease in lockdown and doors opening now they need support more than ever before.

A quiet Whitchurch centre is starting to open up.

A quiet Whitchurch centre is starting to open up.

‘Support Local’ campaign
The Covid-19 crisis has seen several cooperate in the aim of promoting LOCAL business. Many have social media pages to promote their services and some have started a Support Local campaign and have produced a poster for circulation.
This latter initiative is aimed at increasing both footfall in the centre and wider knowledge of other services available including the great many that work from home or other premises.

Promote a business
Meanwhile the volunteer town website supports this wonderful move forward and if any local businesses provides an article promoting their services such as a special event or a new venture it will do its best to have it published – a few pictures can help too.
Just send to

WISTLocal Social Media  Group for businesses
Another avenue that provides for promotion of businesses is the WIST – Whitchurch Hants Independent Sellers and Traders Facebook Group. The excellent initiative is a social media platform for the smaller independent businesses in and Whitchurch and the immediate surrounding area, to promote their goods and services.
The group can be contacted here: 
WIST – Whitchurch Hants Independent Sellers and Traders

Signpost square

Stay Local, Support Local

We can all help our town by both shopping locally and using local services.
Nearly everything is available without need to travel elsewhere, whether it be locally sourced meat or vegetables, a toy puzzle or a pair of slippers, a ring-binder or a gift card, a haircut or some buttons, a hole dug or a window cleaned – all are available.
Supporting our local businesses helps us all.