Upgraded to WordPress V4.2.1

Yesterday, the programme that makes possible this town website was upgraded: WordPress v4.2.1

Let us know if you encounter any (new!) issues.

The same problem as last time occurred during upgrading: the automated script stopped early which caused some files to have the wrong ‘permissions’. We were ready for this, and technical support at eUKHost corrected the problem (but could not find the root cause).

Details about WordPress:

A list of all versions of WordPress is HERE. Note: the town website did not progress through them all!

Websites moved to new computer server

You shouldn’t be able to notice, but for the record, the computer on which some Whitchurch websites, like whitchurch.org.uk, operate has changed to a newer one; which means some of the software programs required by WordPress (which is what the websites use to display their data) like PHP and MySQL have been updated.