Fellow Whitchurchians Beware!

Having this evening taken my life into my hands using the temporary pedestrian lights to walk through the Bell Street/Blosswood Lane railway bridge, I think everyone should be made aware of the shockingly short time allowed to accomplish this. I’m at least relatively fit and healthy, and was nowhere near the safety of the pavement before traffic started to move ominously towards me.

I’m genuinely worried that this is a serious accident waiting to happen.

I am now going to try to contact Southern Water, whom I believe to be responsible for these works, to express my concerns and ask for a safer solution to be put in place.

Please take care! Les Jordan

Parish Fete 2015 ~ Pictures

Down Memory Lane – Photos of the Gill Nethercott Centre

Harriet Mercier, one of the original trustees of the Whitchurch Association, a registered charity which also oversees this website, stepped down as their chair at the 2015 AGM. She supplied these photos, looking back at the history of the Gill Nethercott Centre, the community facility which is run by the charity, and the road trips run from it.

Also see the article: Harriet steps down.

Pictures of Community Orchard Planting

Whitchurch now has a community orchard, thanks to the Friends and supporters of the QEII Field at Daniel Park. See these articles:

Upgraded to WordPress V4.1

The WordPress version that is used to create the town website was upgraded to version 4.1 today. It had previously been at the version 4.0.1.

There was one hiccup: no one could not log into the dashboard afterwards! The message “Did you take a wrong turn?” appeared instead. Sometimes a message about a redirect loop was displayed instead.

The solution was for one of the editors to log into the server where the program is running and change the permissions of files to “644” and the directories to “755” (which ironically limits ability of certain programs but means the system as a whole can then function). It is not known what the automatic upgrade process did not change these settings.

Details about WordPress:

A list of all versions of WordPress is HERE. Note: the town website did not progress through them all!

Neighbourhood Plan – Photos from public display

On October 11th, 2014, the volunteers behind the Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan presented to the public the result of their years of effort. Display boards were erected in the Parish Hall, and 200 or so people visited!

Now it was time for the residents of Whitchurch to give their feedback on the proposal of where new housing and industry should be located. A couple more sessions are planned, and later to put the displays in the Town Hall.

(click on thumbnail to see a larger version)

Pictures of Silk Mill Picnic 2014

Some pictures taken at the Silk Mill Picnic that was held on Saturday, 12th July 2014…