The Basingstoke & Deanne Borough Council (B&DBC) arranges for the collection of the rubbish in Whitchurch every Friday (they hire a contractor to do this). Exceptions are made during holiday periods, when the date may be shifted.

Reducing Waste
If you want to get rid of furniture, household goods, baby equipment or electrical items then consider ringing the Community Furniture Project charity on 01256-320700 to see if they might be able to rehome your old chair, sofa, cabinet, stroller, microwave, blender, …

Alternatively, give your item away through Freecycle.

Please take a mement in the shops, too, to think of how whatever you buy will be disposed of.

Why? It may save money on disposal (your council tax) and may help the environment.

The easiest way to reduce your impact is to purchase only products which you need; that have minimal packaging; and, generally, travel the least distance between its point of manufacture and your store.

Also consider the quality of the product you purchase – will that cheap plastic toy made in China for your child’s birthday party find its way to the bin within an hour of use? Is there an alternative that would give more pleasure?

Consumer magazines, like Which?, test and recommend products.

Bins for Household Rubbish

If you need a new rubbish wheelie bin, then ring the council on 01256 844844 and ask. Ditto for recycle bins. All households can have a single rubbish bin, and multiple recycle bins. They will be delivered to your house, usually in a couple of days.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
Need a Wii WEEE?

If your Wii console, or other electronic device is beyond repair then you need to get rid of it through the WEEE programme rather than just putting it into the bin.

This will help the environment by reducing the amount of recyclable electronic bits being dumped.

Remember: NEVER throw out used batteries! The chemicals in them can pollute!

To book your free collection of WEEE please telephone 0800 731 6646 or book online HERE.

Bulky Items

There is a charge for pickup of bulky items like fridges, freezers, ovens  and the like.  Discounts are available. Again ring B&DBC to arrange collection.

You may dispose of the bulky item by taking it to a local Household Waste Recycling Centre – there are ones in Andover, Basingstoke and Winchester.