Registered Charity Number 1071916

The Millennium Green is an important tourist attraction as well as being a prime focus for many town events and recreational pursuits.

The meadow is managed using best science and that is being consolidated. The knowledge is being used to manage the meadow but also being used to form the basis of sophisticated educational initiatives.

Historically it is the only site in Hampshire where the public can gain access to old water meadow with traditional ditches and sluices available for study. It has the only record of one species of plant in North Hampshire.

It is a charity and this means the 7acres will always be available for public use with the minimum amount of restrictive rules.

Events like The Carnival and Halloween celebrations attract thousands of people. Daily walks exceed ten thousand per year.

Highly scientific pond dipping days provide fun and education for participating children.

The site is always open and it is very safe. All weather pathways allow access at all times and there is ample seating.

Phillippa Walther-Caine
Secretary & Trustee