In the last few weeks Litchfield residents have experienced extremely slow BT Internet speeds.

In some cases there has been a total loss of internet service, whilst others have seen a reduction in speed of 50% to 70% from what they have previously experienced using the copper wire connection.

BT confirmed to me that previously to the BT hardware upgrade, I was peaking at speeds of 2.5Mbps. I now get just over 1Mbps.

BT said the internet service performance is not guaranteed, but in Litchfield we should get between 1 Mega bits per second to 3.5 Mega bits per second (Mbps).

Although, BT has explained the situation, they have not been able to explain why so many of the properties in Litchfield have been affected with deterioration in Internet performance, whilst using the existing copper wire connection.

BT has indicated that if one requires higher internet speed they recommend switching over to BT Infinity when it is available. Litchfield village has recently had the fibre optical cable laid for Infinity, but has not been informed when it will be available.

Please could someone explain why our existing Internet performance should have deteriorated with the BT upgrades?

David Gosling
23 July 2013

Ed. note: We asked BT about the situation in Litchfield, and also about their installation progress. They replied on 8 August 2013 – see HERE.

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