Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about this community website. Hopefully it will help if you wish to find anything out.

Who runs this website?

The website is run by the Whitchurch Association, a local registered charity.
It is managed on a day-to-day basis by a small team of volunteers elected at the WA AGM, known as WACOMMS – Whitchurch Association Communications team.

The remit of this team is three fold:

1. To act as an editorial team to ensure content complies with normal standards of acceptability – and to monitor submissions for illegal, abusive or malicious content before publication.
2. To build the website as a community resource.
3. To manage the technical side of the site.

See Appendix 2 (below) for details of the team.

Whose views does the website represent?

The website does not represent any individuals or organisations and is non-political.
Content is wholly determined by its Contributors within the constraints of acceptable behaviour.
Anyone within the Whitchurch area can be a Contributor and submit material.

How is the website funded?

The website was originally funded through a SEEDA grant but has no income at present.

Who are the editors? Are they elected or appointed and by whom?

The editors are the members of the Whitchurch Association Communications Team – (WACOMMS)
They are elected annually at the AGM of the Whitchurch Association.
See Appendix 2.

What is the role of the town council in running this website?

The website is independent of the town council. However there is a town councillor representative on the main committee of the Whitchurch Association.
The editorial team is accountable to this committee.

Why is the charity running the Gill Nethercott Centre (Whitchurch Association) chosen to oversee this website?

The registered charity is publicly accountable to the people of Whitchurch.

Who writes the news items?

Anyone from the Whitchurch area can submit items – news, events, listings, letters – for publication.
All content is reviewed before publication by the editorial team (Appendix 2).

Why have you chosen to publish news items anonymously?

All ‘Contributors’ are known to the editorial team through registration on the website or by direct contact.
Content without a known source is not normally published, but the right of privacy is respected.
Refer to the site’s Privacy Policy (Appendix 1 below).

What is the difference between a news item and a letter?

Letters often contain stronger opinion.
If it is not clear when submitted, the editors will usually decide in conjunction with the Contributor the best place for publication.

What to do if I disagree with the views expressed in a news item?

Please remember that opinion is simply that and the editors have no remit to decide whether an opinion is valid or not.
You can submit your own articles and there is also a Comment facility on most news items.

Should you wish to make a complaint or discuss any issue further:
1. First step is to contact the website editorial team through
2. Should the issue not be resolved to your agreement you may then contact the Whitchurch Association.

What do the editors do if there is a conflict/disagreement with the views expressed?

If it cannot be resolved amicably, they refer the matter to the Chairperson of the Whitchurch Association.

How can I submit an article/news item for publication?

There is a help page on the website that shows how to submit items.

How can I submit/promote an event?

As above.
Once it is published on the site you might like to further promote the event through the site’s social media channels.

Are there any charges?

Being a community-owned site, adding content is entirely free to anyone who adds their own content.

For businesses and commercial activities who wish the volunteers running the site to add content there may be a small nominal fee by negotiation.
If they add content themselves there is no charge.
Community organisations:
The site is entirely free to all Whitchurch based organisations/groups, but please remember the site is run wholly by volunteers.

How can I become an editor?

In the first place contact the website editorial team who can advise.

How can I help as a volunteer?

There are a multitude of tasks that need doing – providing content, technical management, promotion, and so on.
Just get in touch:

How can I express my appreciation of the website in a positive way?

Write an article or letter 🙂
Pints down the pub are always welcome too!




All Contributors have a right to the protection of their privacy, a principle respected by the town website.

Content for publication is not normally accepted anonymously but in submitting content for publication Contributors may request that their names be withheld.
To ensure only legitimate content is published Contributors must be either officially registered on the website or send material through the email contact address.

No names or contact details will be provided directly to enquirers.
However anyone wishing to communicate with the Contributor of any item may request contact through the website (via and the request will be forwarded.
It will then be the decision of the Contributor to decide whether or not they wish to continue to protect their privacy or to enter into dialogue.




The remit of this team is three fold:

1. To act as an editorial team to ensure content complies with normal standards of acceptability – and to monitor submissions for illegal, abusive or malicious content before publication.
2. To build the website as a community resource.
3. To manage the technical side of the site.

Present team:
The current team consists of:
J. Buckley
R. Cooper
A. Reeves-Hall

Appointments take place at the Whitchurch Association AGM. Any vacancies during the year can be filled by the Whitchurch Association.
The team may co-opt other members during the year (with the agreement of the Whitchurch Association) if considered appropriate.
Should anyone wish to contact the team, regarding the site, whether management or content, please email:




The website team use various social networking sites to publicise articles, events and news that are published on the website.

The team abides by a Social Media Policy agreed by Whitchurch Association and hopes the contributors to it’s social networking facilities do the same.
The Policy can be found at: SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY

Any questions should firstly be sent to:

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  • Kevin Laing


    I attended the last Whitchurch Association meeting and updated the group regarding services offered by Basingstoke Voluntary Services to Charities and Voluntary Groups including advice and guidance on funding.

    Could I suggest that a link to our website is added to your site for the benefit of the Whitchurch Community and maybe on the Community Resources page. If possible maybe a regular item in your news area including maybe a link to grants available –

    Please let me know how we can progress this.


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