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It has been my privilege to serve the Whitchurch Community over the last 3 years. The work I have undertaken has given me a detailed understanding of the wishes of Community and the key issues which affect the quality of our lives.

I have lived here for 10 years. I love the Ward and the talented individuals who I have met and worked with. My two daughters and grandchildren live in Whitchurch. I am committed to the future of the Town and to provide a future for my family

I recently took early retirement as Vice President of an International Engineering and Environmental Company. I have a combination of technical and negotiation skills, relevant to providing solutions to some of the challenges which face our Community. These will enable me to promote a prosperous future for the Ward without destroying the character of our Town or surrounding rural areas, including Hurstbourne Priors, Tufton, and Cole Henley. I will work towards improving the Town Centre as a venue, and to increasing leisure facilities particularly for the youth. I have and will continue to fight against unsustainable development and increased heavy traffic which may be a threat to our quality of our lives. I will promote development on sites which have been selected by the Community and have community benefits. I will continue to campaign for improved infrastructure and facilities, including social housing, to be delivered alongside sustainable development.

I understand that you may be sceptical about yet another candidate chasing your vote but;

  • I am not a “career politician”. I just want to do my best for the Community. Being elected to the Town Council in 2013 was my first public election.

In the last three years I have;

  • Been elected Town Councillor
  • Established the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee and chaired this for almost three years.
  • Initiated the Flood Risk Assessment for the Town to establish what can be done to reduce future flood risk.
  • Initiated and authored a sustainability appraisal of the Silk Mill.
  • I am privileged to have been asked by Whitchurch Town Council to receive an award for “outstanding service, and/or achievement for the community”.
  • My career was spent working at high level with businesses, lawyers and planning/regulatory authorities. I have learnt that you need to work at an appropriate level if you want to get things done.
    • I am working with your MP Kit Malthouse campaigning to ensure the voice of communities is heard in planning decisions. We are meeting with the Housing Minister this month.
    • I have and will work continue to work closely with the Conservative Lead Council in Basingstoke to promote the interests of Whitchurch and its Community.
    • I have already represented the NPSC and Town Council on a number of occasions responding to planning applications, giving evidence at Planning Enquiries and with regard to the BDBC Local Plan.

I believe in positive thought and working to support community groups rather than a recently seen political response of being critical of the honest efforts of those talented members of our community who give their time in the service of the Town.

I am pleased to have received support and endorsements including your MP, Kit Malthouse and Eric Dunlop the retiring Ward Borough Councillor whose seat I am contesting.

Most of all I care about representing YOUR views. Having taken early retirement I have the time, energy and enthusiasm to devote to your needs and concerns.

It would be a privilege to serve as you Borough Councillor please vote for me DAVE GEORGE at the elections on Thursday 5th May 2016.

Please contact me on 01256 893680 or davidjohngeorge@btinternet.com if you have any issues or concerns you wish to discuss or you would like to assist in my campaign.

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