Chloe_midshot_webHello, I’d like to introduce myself to you and my intention to run as your Borough Councillor, standing on behalf of the Labour Party.

My name is Chloe. I’m 38 years old and have lived in Whitchurch my entire life. From attending both local schools, Whitchurch Primary and Testbourne, to eventually raising my own family of three children – Whitchurch has been my home.

My parents once owned a popular local business, the newsagents, right in our town centre. My experience of helping out in my parents shop provided me with a real sense of community and a genuine affection for our town and its residents. It has never left me.

By day, my role in senior management for a major financial services company has given me the skills required to communicate effectively in high pressure situations where a level head and sensible approach to complex issues are vital.

However, my candidacy is not wholly based on either nostalgia or career based skills. Rather, I feel it is a combination of my professional abilities and my genuine love of our town and, more importantly, the people, that make me an ideal representative for Whitchurch.

I am well known locally as a person who is fun, friendly, and completely approachable. I have three children that attend/will attend the same schools as your children. I live right in the centre of town and so am acutely aware of our traffic issues. Also, I count myself lucky to have been able to stay here in Whitchurch while others have been forced to leave thanks to our housing issues. I feel that these factors combined will facilitate my ultimate goal with this candidacy – to provide an approachable and capable local voice for those people in Whitchurch who have in the past felt a certain disconnect with local politics.

In summary, my roles as a local person, mother of three, fourth generation ‘Whitchurchian’ and busy, working professional provide the required foundation to appreciate the entire spectrum of issues that exist in our community from all the demographics that make up our town.

Please feel free to contact me by email or call me on 07717 175368 to discuss any issues you may have. Or, if you see me on the street, just stop me and tell me in person! If you want to follow my campaign please ‘Like’ my Facebook page

I hope I can gain your confidence in time to secure vote on May the 5th.



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