There was good news in one Whitchurch household today as their ginger and white cat, came home from his extended holiday!

A week ago ‘Zac’ decided to take leave of his ‘owners’ in Bradbury Close and embark on an unannounced adventure to places as yet unknown.
Naturally, as time marched on there was concern for his well-being and yesterday this website was asked to help. We sent out a message to our 1000+ FACEBOOK Friends as well as using other social networking sites.

But today there was joy as Zac nonchalantly wandered back home returning to hugs and cuddles. Where had he been? He’s not telling. Had he seen our story?
Was it our birdie’s TWEET that can attracted his feline instincts?
Again he’s meowing nowt, just lapping up the love and affection of his family.

Our Message to all Cats

However we would like to send a message to all cats who decide to wander off. It really is not very responsible is it? We all know you think you know best, but sometimes you need to listen to those who feed, pamper, and let you lay on their bed.
Please let your owners know where you are going and when you are likely to return.
Its not too much to ask is it?

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  • mike & debbie

    Thanks to the site admin for putting the notice up, and for all the concern and calls/sightings.

    Zac is now home and safe and well.

    Mike & Debbie.

  • Christine

    Glad he is home, my cat Billy used to do that all the time, disappear off for a couple of weeks then just come back, usually hungry and tired lol

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