With just over three weeks to the set off, attempts to raise funds for a dedicated youth centre continue with Chris Miller now training hard both in the gym and on his bike for his challenge, while at the same time trying to raise the much needed sponsorship.

On 17th September 18-year old Chris, sets off, cycling from Whitchurch to Ben Nevis and back. He will climb the country’s highest mountain before cycling home. The whole trip is expected to take around two weeks.

To keep costs low, and to raise as much for the Whitchurch Youth Centre Trust as he can, Chris will be staying at youth hostels and perhaps a B&B or two. He is riding unaccompanied as far as Glasgow, from where he will be met by a support vehicle for the remaining part of the journey.

Most recent supporter is UK Youth, a leading national youth work charity who help young people reach their aspirations. They are kindly providing food supplements for Chris’s training regime. Chris is also very lucky to have a supportive family who are providing much encouragement.
Plans are also in hand to film the entire trip which will then be available on the website and on YouTube for all to see.

Chris has told us…

“The youth club so far has managed to achieve a massive amount just by being open for a few hours one night of the week. There is a true sense of belonging for all the kids that attend the club and I have seen so many who have their lives turned around simply by having a place to go and socialize other than school. Therefore if this can be achieved in just a few hours every week then I would like to see what can be achieved through a dedicated youth centre.”

Cycle Ride and Picnic – September 3rd
As a supporting event for Chris there is to be a Cycle Ride and Picnic on 3rd September.
Further details to be announced.

How can you help
To sponsor Chris and to help the town’s young people have a centre they can enjoy, please visit Chris’s website.
Any help that can be given will go towards a great cause for the town.

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