Covid Travel Map imageWhat could help Social Distancing in Whitchurch?
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A range of temporary changes are being made across Hampshire to provide more road space for people walking and cycling – keeping a safe social distance as they begin to go back to work and school after the Coronavirus lockdown.

Further schemes are in development to support retail spaces which mean taking traffic and parking out of our town centres to create space.

Hants Covid Travel Map

Hants Covid Travel Map is a campaign to help people stay safe and help communities thrive during COVID-19.
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Hants Covid Travel Map

Things the County Council are considering include:

  • widening footways, especially on high streets, to ensure that those walking and queuing for essential goods are able to keep two metres from each other;
  • installing measures to restrict through traffic from using residential streets to ensure that physical distancing can occur on residential streets, especially in locations that form an access route to a local amenity;
  • installing temporary cycle lanes and temporary cycle parking.

Full details are here:
Hampshire County Council – hantscovidtravel