Community groups and local residents are now being asked as to what items of equipment should make up the new Whitchurch Community IT Library, won as a result of the Broadband BT Race-to-Infinity campaign. Whitchurch came top in the UK earlier this year, in the competition to bring faster broadband to the town (installation presently being surveyed).

The prize of £5000 had been allocated between three projects – a Green Screen for film production at the primary school, improved WiFi Access at the primary school and the Community IT Library.

The Community IT Library – your help wanted…
The IT Library has had £3800 allocated for equipment that can be loaned out to local groups and residents for community use.

Suggestions could be camcorders for recording history or events, laptops for teaching purposes, webcams for nature observation or digital projectors for talks and presentations.
Such uses may be for groups, or individuals who may have been hampered in the past through a lack of resources.

If you have an idea, or see a future need, now is the time to make your suggestions known.
All equipment has to be available for purchase through BT BUSINESS DIRECT

Please send:

  1. your name and contact details
  2. whether or not you represent a group (not essential)
  3. suggested equipment
  4. how you think it could be of use to the town.

Send to on or before Tuesday 5th July 2011.