WW1 Centenary logoDetails of some of the events arranged by a local resident to ‘commemorate’ WWI



Thornycroft truck, shell and OXO cubes
The commemoration starts on 3rd November when a period Thornycroft Truck will leave Hook and travel via Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) to Morrisons Store in Basingstoke. There 64 OXO cubes will be placed in a First World War Military shell and handed to the lorry driver by The Mayor of Basingstoke.
Each cube represents one of the Whitchurch men lost. The lorry will leave at 11am and drive into Whitchurch, tooting by pubs en route and hopefully being toasted as it passes by.
The shell will be handed to our Mayor at the Winchester Road Allotments site.

Special meal
The lorry will be parked overnight at The Longmeadow Sports and Social Club and be on display for the special meal gathering 11.30am on the Sunday.
The three course meal, one of many created by BCoT is £10 a head and a harpist will play special music.
Bookings email  e.d.services@btinternet.com

Exhibition, homing pigeons and messages
The following weekend (10th/11th November) The Gill Nethercott Centre is booked for an exhibition revealing detail of the men lost, where they lived and what we have now that they invested in. 10.30am to 4.30pm Saturday and Sunday.
At 3pm on Sunday 11th two homing carrier pigeons will be released. One will have  message going to The Queen at Sandringham,written by Whitchurch’s most mature resident Eileen Knight (103 Dec) on special paper supplied by Portals. The other will carry a coded message to Bletchley Park. The pigeons will be launched from between two Birch Trees on the Silk Mill lawn and later those trees will be planted at a key point at the entry to Bere Mill, where the Queen and Duke visited several times as a celebration of their forthcoming wedding anniversary.
You may add historic data to the exhibition before-hand or on the days.

Contact Graham Burgess: graham@gyrdan.demon.co.uk

The OXO cubes and Birch trees
The 64 OXO cubes will be part of another commemorative event and that is the planting of 32 pairs of Birch Trees in an avenue beside the new all-weather sports pitch at the rear of the Sports and Social Club.Each cube will be placed at the bottom of a hole. This will be part of an ongoing Testbourne School Educational project part of which will include a group called The Eco Warriors.