Works earlier this year.

Works earlier this year.

Many will have seen the cones recently placed in the centre of the Roundabout in Whitchurch Square over the last week.
This follows the Stage One rebuilding of the roundabout and closure of roads which caused considerable disruption for ten days last month.

Success of monitoring
The cones were part of an experimental exercise undertaken to determine whether vehicles could negotiate the roundabout without crossing the cobbled area – the traffic cones incorporated a sophisticated monitoring device. It has been a resounding success and has enabled Stage Two of the works to commence – a town centre feature to improve the historic character of Whitchurch.

Many suggestions already proposed
With work on the appraisal of the Whitchurch Conservation Area underway, research on a selection of options for the roundabout has commenced

One suggestion is a cairn.

One suggestion is a cairn.

But true to the day, there have already been several ‘April Fool’ type suggestions, such as a site for the historic tow truck recently saved in Test Road, a set of stocks for those who leave litter and mess in our streets, or even a cairn constructed of heritage granite setts to celebrate the new roundabout construction. But these are just plain silly as befits the date.

Heritage signage?
But more seriously perhaps there could be the reintroduction of heritage road signage with a traditional lamp standard, maybe even gas powered or a raised flower bed with a statue to a local celebrity?

Following the success of the monitoring experiment, what do you think would be the best option for placing on the roundabout?

Please use the comment form below.
Suggestions close at 12noon.

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  • Linda randall

    (*I think some connection if the silk mill which Whitchurch is famous for ! *)

  • Emma A

    Wildlife based sculpture to honour the beautiful countryside.

  • Simon Kaufman

    A vintage-style lamp (which would be lit after dusk and until dawn). Something traditional and classy!

  • Gary Trotter

    a lamp in the style of that (three headed, ornate) which was on the roundabout from 1938 until the 1970`s, preferably solar/wind turbine powered; this avoids cabling, is green and the power units could be placed atop the structure. Road traffic directional signs could also be placed on the lamp column (as they used to be) possibly relocating those on the post near the newsagents?

    OR what about a commissioned bronze sculpture in the centre of Richard Adams, as we dont seem to have anything to commemorate him in the town?

    OR a sculpture with 4 bronze faces of famous Whitchurch residents facing down each of the roads that lead off the roundabout? The individuals chosen could be decided by a popular vote by Whitchurch residents.

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