Local residents are being given the opportunity to find out more information on proposed plans for a new wind farm.

EDF Energy Renewables is holding two public exhibitions to consult and encourage feedback on its investigation for a new wind farm to be established on a site located south of Whitchurch and to the north east of the junction of the A34 and the A303, known as Bullington Cross.

The exhibitions will be held at Whitchurch Parish Hall on Wednesday, July 4th (2.00pm – 8.00pm) and Thursday, July 5th (12.00 noon – 7.00pm).

The events will provide local residents and other interested parties with further information on the proposed scheme. Included in the information available will be proposed turbine layouts, photomontages and 3D visual simulations to help residents understand what the wind farm will look like from various locations.

Questions and Feedback
The project team will also be on hand to answer any questions, and all visitors to the exhibition will be encouraged to give their feedback on the proposals, which will be reviewed before any planning application is submitted.

Darren Cuming, Onshore Wind Development Manager at EDF Energy Renewables‚ said:

“We would like to encourage anyone who has a question or is interested in the project to come along to discuss the plans with us.

“Local opinion is very important to us and we are holding these information sessions during the day and into the early evenings so that anyone who wants to come and talk to us has an opportunity to do so.

“If approved, the wind farm would provide low carbon energy for many years to come. Renewable projects like this demonstrate our commitment to low carbon energy sources and the importance EDF Energy Renewables places on sustainable development.”

The company is considering the potential for a maximum of 17 wind turbines to be located on the site that takes in land covered by three local planning authorities, Winchester City Council, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and Test Valley Borough Council.

Power and enissions
The proposal, incorporating 2-3MW turbines, with an approximate hub height of 80m and a maximum total height to turbine tip of up to 126.25m‚ would be capable of producing enough clean energy to supply the annual domestic electricity requirements of approximately 15,800 homes and save approximately 32,000 tonnes* of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

*Based on current figures supplied by RenewableUK

Further Information
More details on the proposed scheme are also available at: http://www.bullingtoncrosswindfarm.co.uk.

(The above is is a Press Release from EDF Energy Renewables)

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Comments (3)

  • Mike Stead

    £10 says the main objectors will be rich landowners hoping to develop plots nearby or where their own mansions are within sight. Luckily after some prodding they are going to toe the Conservative party line that we are ‘all in it together’ – ‘It’ being climate change. And increasingly-expensive foreign imports of oil/gas. Do your duty by your country.

    Yep, that’s exactly how they’ll see it. I’m sure.

  • Eric Dunlop

    I still remain to be convinced that “Wind Turbines” are an economical and totally environmental success. I see in my travels many such machines turned off and even shut down due to the lack of wind power.
    I favour “Solar Energy” this only requires light to produce energy. It is my view that if the same area were covered with solar cells as the planned area for these wind turbines, in a 12 month period the solar cells would produce equal if not more energy and would not be such a blot on our Hampshire landscape.

    I hope to be proved wrong.
    Wind Turbines are best set up off-shore.

  • George Garton

    Wrong Mike, evidence shows that its the large wealthy land owners that are making the money out of us mortals.
    For the truth, anyone can contact me for literature/DV.
    The river test could produce the same amount of energy, have you known it to stop flowing?
    Watch this space!

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