An application has been made to erect an 80 metre (260ft) high mast to measure weather conditions at the site of the proposed Bullington Cross Wind Farm.

The proposal is for an anemometry mast for a temporary period of 36 months, to enable collection of meteorological data.
It would be in operation for no more than 24 months from erection.

As the mast would be in the Wonston and Micheldever Parish section of the proposed wind farm, the application by EDF Energy Renewables has been made to Winchester City Council.
Reference number: W22618/04
Application Number: 13/01831/FUL
Comments by: 19th September 2013

Winchester Planning page: HERE

In April this year, EDF submitted an application for a 14 turbine wind farm to the three local authorities which cover the site – Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, Test Valley Borough Council, and Winchester City Council.
They have yet to make a decision on that application.

Whitchurch Town Council decided to object to the wind farm.

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  • M James

    This worries me. Once they have permission for this development – trust me – more will follow, it will be easier for the applicant to argue the case for more on the same site. Cynical I may be, but watch this space – or rather the Bullington site.

  • Mike Stead

    Fabulous. Then maybe once people realise that you won’t be able to see it from pretty much anywhere in town, let alone further away they’ll stop thinking the world will end if a dozen more go up. Having driven past the massive turbine in Reading twice this week, I realise there has been a lot of nonsense spread regarding this installation – you can’t see them until you’re almost underneath them because of trees and buildings nearby, and from distant hilltops they look really small and quite pretty.

    I suppose the energy alternative is fracking in the Hampshire Downs, or in some other poor sod’s back yard. I wonder what all the anti-windfarm folks think of that idea. We all use energy, we just don’t want to live next to where it comes from eh?

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