Your Opportunity to Request an Election for New Members of the Town Council

Councillors Jackie Day, Paul McGarvey, and Linda Thomas have all recently found that their work commitments prevent them giving the time they would like to Town Council business. So they have resigned, leaving vacancies for people who are able to find the time for this kind of public service. The Town Council is very grateful for their contributions and wishes them well. In fact Linda will continue to be actively involved in developing the Neighbourhood Plan so will still be involved in this aspect of the Town Council’s work.

This means there are three vacancies. The Town Council may be entitled to co-opt people to fill these vacancies, but believe it would be more democratic if the people of Whitchurch had an opportunity to vote for those people who put themselves forward. In order to facilitate this, it requires ten people who are registered to vote to call for a by-election and this must happen before Monday 21st October.

The Town Council has decided to publicise this opportunity through the town website. All it takes is for you to write requesting an election for all three vacancies to:

Electoral Services,
Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council,
Civic Offices,
London Road,
RG21 4AH

If ten people do so, then there will be a call for nominations.
More information will follow on how to nominate a candidate should an election be called.

Note that emails are not accepted – it must be in writing.

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  • bluefox

    With so many organisations encouraging email communications these days, it seems rather archaic
    (and expensive!) to insist on written postal feedback on this issue; this should be changed asap.

    Edit note:
    It is understood that Basingstoke and Deane have taken note on this.
    But best check!

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