The stolen flag looks, well, like this, except bigger...and on high-quality cloth material.

Did anyone see anything?
The crime of the decade? Well, certainly a rather weird one!

As many will have seen, the Town Hall has been flying the Union Flag – but no more. It would seem there is a thief about, but one with a very odd modus operandi, and one who may have a head for heights, or a particular liking for the game of ‘Capture the Flag’.

Our mayor, Cllr. Barry Jackman said, “On Monday Morning I looked as I always do to see if the Union Flag was flying properly or if it needed untangling from the pole outside the Town Hall. Much to my surprise it was not there.”

Have you seen the flag?

He continued, “I believe that it was there on Sunday morning about 10-10 am as I went into the office, and feel sure, because it is my habit, that I had looked at it then.”

Subsequent enquiries have led to a suspicion that it has been stolen; but by whom and why?

The cord had not been cut but had been carefully untied but then came the twist!
Or rather something was twisted!

Even at such a height the culprit (or maybe someone else) had taken a child’s bicycle tyre, tied it to the cord, and then coiled it around the flagpole. Why?

Was it a deliberate theft? Could it have been political? Or was it a prank, or removed for a game of tossing the hoop? Who knows!

But where is our flag; our national flag: the revered symbol of our country?

The Union Flag on the Town Hall, above the Salvation Army band when they visited in July 2010.

The police have been informed as the flag was a good quality one, purchased nine years ago.

If anyone saw anything they should contact the Town Hall on 01256 892107 – especially if your children are complaining that their bicycles aren’t quite as they should be since Monday.