Its time to start thinking about those Guys!

With the Hallowe’en Bonfire and Fireworks night looming this year there is an associated Guys about Town event – a chance for everyone to get involved and make a Guy to place on the bonfire.

Guys are already appearing around the town.

Traditionally linked to Guy Fawkes and the attempt to blow up parliament in 1605, Guys become part of many bonfire celebrations! However, over recent years the Guy on the street corner, with a child creator calling out “Penny for the Guy” has virtually disappeared. But this year in Whitchurch the aim is to link in to the street tradition again – why not produce a street Guy, or a house Guy, and why not place your Guy outside in your garden, on the chimney, hanging from a rooftop; somewhere for all to see?

Judging of the Guys will take place by the Mayor on 27th/28th October.

Then take it down to the Meadow for the grand bonfire.

Ah, but when?
We musn’t forget that Whitchurch is different.
Don’t get the date wrong – the Whitchurch Bonfire and Fireworks is on Saturday 29th October, at 5.00pm onwards, a week before the historic date of the original Gunpowder Plot at Westminster.

To ensure your Guy is judged, please register it with MY GUY NEEDS JUDGING or call 01256 893513


And once you’ve made you Guy, remember Pumpkins! Penny for those?
More information to follow on that.

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