A Wock found today in Alliston Way on the new bus stop.

A ‘wock’ found today by the website team on the new bus stop in Alliston Way (click to enlarge).

A fun ‘craze’ that apparently originated in America has taken off in many communities throughout the UK – including Whitchurch.

Painted stones are left around the area for people young and old alike to hunt for. When finding one they can either be kept or better still re-hidden for someone else to find.
A number of competitions have been devised around the fun. In Whitchurch you can post your ‘wock’ on social media for all to see and see if you get more ‘likes’ than other wocks.

Creativity can be endless and some very simple designs as well as ornate works of art have been left around the town.

For the BBC film which explains it all see:

Whitchurch Wocks Facebook page is here:

Why not join in – have a go at painting one, then hiding it.