Local author and historian Geoff Hide is joined at the launch by the Mayor and Mayoress, Cllr Barry Jackman and Sandra Jackman

The Mayor and Mayoress, Cllr Barry Jackman and Sandra Jackman celebrated with the members of the Whitchurch History Society at the launch of a book by long-time local resident Geoff Hide at the Gill Nethercott Centre last night.

The book, titled simply ‘Whitchurch Street Names’, lists all the street names in town and a short summary of how each came to get its name.

Some streets, though, like Longs Court have several paragraphs chronicling the history not only of the name but the businesses  and people that were once to be found in the area.

Members of the History Society queue up to buy Geoff's book.


Many historical photos from around town are included throughout, and a fold-out map of town from 1730 is at the back.

The entry for Lapwing Rise states: “During archaeological excavations on an area north of Bloswood Lane in 1999 by members of the Whitchurch community (see Caesars Way), the town mayor Gill Nethercott observed lapwings and skylarks in the fields. Also see Skylark Rise.”

A tasty spread was put on in celebration of the book's launch.


Geoff wrote, “Many residents of the town contributed and at the outset it became clear that this idea had been in the minds of several individuals and groups who had started bringing together similar information.”

The Foreward to the book was written by our Mayor, Cllr Barry Jackman where he stated: “Many of the streets named in this book are places which I love to walk and explore and of which I never tire.”

Whitchurch Street Names by Geoff Hide


Barry continued, “Geoff is well qualified with his considerable family connections here. He has spent many hours of research to produce such an accurate and informative account of the roads serving Whitchurch in days gone by and still in use today.”

The book is published by Ellingham Press for the Whitchurch History Society.
It sells for £8 and can be purchased locally at the Silk Mill shop and the Newbury Building Society.
It is listed on Amazon HERE – It is not known if an electronic (e.g. Kindle) version will be made. ISBN 978-0-9563079-9-6.

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