The success of this community-owned website and of the associated Whitchurch Social Media sites has made communication within the town much easier than ever expected.

Guidelines on communication
As a result the volunteer team who manage the site along with the town’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other networking sites have been working on a Social Media Policy to provide guidelines on communication.
Social Media has such great opportunities ranging from just social chit chat to promotion of events and businesses, but it can have some downfalls if not used in a reasonable manner.

Last month a FAQ and a Privacy Policy were introduced and this month come the guidelines for using Social Media.

It really is quite simple.
What does it mean?

In summary, it means:

When posting anything online just be polite, courteous and friendly and avoid any deliberate attempts to create antagonisms or divisions – all pretty much common sense for a friendly community web presence that can only enhance communication within our great little town.

• The full Social Media Policy can be found at SOCIAL MEDIA

• The FAQ and Privacy Policy are HERE

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