Volunteers meet at the Gill Nethercott Centre.

A meeting at the Gill Nethercott Centre last night saw the launch of an innovative Pilot Scheme to introduce a Whitchurch Snow Crisis Line to help those in need should the weather turn nasty.
Such has been the interest that around 25 people have already come forward to act as volunteers and to help out the vulnerable members of our community. This is a fantastic response showing the growing community spirit that Whitchurch enjoys. The initiative follows last year’s snows when local residents got together to help out around the town. Should it prove successful it may be rolled out in other rural areas too.

The Crisis Line is based at the Gill Nethercott Centre and will be available 9.00am to 6.00pm 7-days a week.
CALL: 01256 896270

Anyone requiring essential help can call the number to request support and help will be arranged.
This can range from essential shopping needs and collection of prescriptions to clearing excess ice on pathways.
Shovels and tools for snow clearance are provided, and a special grit bin is also to be made available.
All volunteers participating will have official ID badges to ensure the scheme is run securely.

Backed by the Whitchurch Association, the Line also has the support of the local Councils and the Police as well as several other organisations. Publicity material will soon be around the town and in places such as the Surgery, Library and Town Hall.

Note the number now:
CALL: 01256 896270

If anyone would like further information, or would like to volunteer they can contact Sarah on 01256 896270.

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  • Harriet Titcomb

    This is a Fantastic response, well done Whitchurch. We should feel proud to live in such a caring community.

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