With thanks to Kevin at the Whitchurch Ticket Office:

Don’t get caught out

South West Trains are running their adverse weather timetable tomorrow (Friday 17th January)

Towards Basingstoke/London
Trains to Basingstoke, Clapham Junction and London Waterloo will depart hourly at XX:55

Towards Andover/Salisbury
Trains to Andover and Salisbury will depart hourly at XX:30

Note that if you normally go for the usual timetabled trains you may end up waiting around three-quarters of an hour!

Train times can be checked at:


A decision on the weekend will be made later on Friday.

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  • Em K

    Thanks for this information – can I just clarify though? On the SWT website it says there’s a revised timetable saying there’s a train at 0736 – is this incorrect?

  • Kev

    There is a service scheduled to depart Whitchurch for Salisbury at 07:37. All others are at half past the hour.

    All ‘up’ trains towards London are at 55 past the hour except the last one of the day which is 56 past.


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