The Whitchurch Rambling Club was started about 50 years ago.  Unfortunately, many of the early records have been lost.  The intention of the Club was and still is to promote Rambling for its social benefits and to take in the scenery and wildlife whilst in good company.  It is open to all age groups. 

We meet in Bell Street car park on Monday evenings at 7 pm. and either walk from there or travel a short distance (Longparish, Chilbolton Common, Winchester as examples) to walk.  Lifts are always available for the walks away from Whitchurch.  Just turn up, no need to contact anyone, we would be pleased to see and welcome you. 

All of the walks for 2019 are in the process of being finalised and will be listed on The Club Website (see below).  The first is Monday 8 April and they go through to 2 September 2019.  There are several social events during the year which are ancillary to the walks. 
These are a Skittles evening; Summer Party; Summer BBQ; Walking Weekend and Xmas Dinner.

Membership to the Club is a yearly fee of £2 per person.

Contact details are:
Chairman:  Barry Thomas chairman@whitchurchramblers.org.uk
Secretary:  Maureen Evans
Treasurer:  Nick Copp treasurer@whitchurchramblers.org.uksal01
01256 892737
01256 896161
07913 104536

We hope to see you on our walks during the season.