Voting has closed – Daniel Park in Whitchurch is top of the table!

In the quest to show support for Daniel Park being held in trust as open space for ever, Whitchurch has gained more votes than anywhere else locally.

Aided by a campaign from the town website and support from Cllr Keith Watts, the popular park has even gained more votes than all the other sites in the Basingstoke Council area put together! This is an incredible achievement by the people of Whitchurch.
The Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge has given communities the opportunity to vote for an outdoor space that will be permanently protected as a tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

14 sites across the Borough had been nominated to be part of the Challenge, and Whitchurch has come out on top with 330 votes from the 478 cast, a whopping 69%.
In second place was Farriers Close in Bramley, followed by Winklebury Playing Fields. These received just 36 and 27 votes respectively.

The very strong message has been sent that Daniel Park has support for such a landmark status and we now await details of the next stage from the Borough Council.

Another top notch result for the people of the town.

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  • Mary Johnston

    Thanks must go to for rallying support!

  • kate muff

    Once again The Whitchurch community spirit shows itself again as an absolute winner… horray for Whitchurch

  • Lyn Fuoco

    go Whitchurch that’s why I live here its a great community

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