Sir George Young MP

Whitchurch’s MP, Sir George Young, has been promoted to government Chief Whip following the resignation of Andrew Mitchell tonight.

Sir George was the Leader of the House, until September’s reshuffle. A few years ago he stood for Speaker of the House but lost to John Bercow.

He is known as the ‘bicycling baronet’ for he is often seen using a bicycle to travel.

Andrew Mitchell resigned following rude comments he made to police officers who were guarding the Downing Street security gate, who refused to open the main gate for him – he was told to walk his bicycle through the pedestrian gate.

Sir George has represented this constituency since his election in 1997. Prior to that he had been elected to represent Ealing Acton.

In April, Sir George went on a bicycle ride around town to learn about ideas for improving areas for people on bicycles or on foot – see HERE.

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  • Keith Watts

    Are you sure this is a promotion? Sir George was a Secretary of State in John Major’s cabinet until 1997. He was Leader of the House of Commons 2010-2012. Now he has been called out of a brief retirement to be Chief Whip.

    He will, of course, have a house in Downing Street, which leads me to wonder where Mr Mitchell was going when he fell out with some police assigned to protect him and other residents.

    Has Mr Cameron decided that Mrs Thatcher was right when she said that “every Prime Minister needs a Willy”, referring of course to Mr Whitelaw who smoothed troubled waters for her and, possibly, gave candid advice on how to avoid troubling them.

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