Fire ssTime flies fast as it seems just like yesterday but it is ten days since the dramatic fire at Southfield Farm that was so valiantly controlled by our emergency services that came from far and wide – and of course a special thanks to our own Whitchurch based services.

Regrettably there are always losers and one was a small carpentry business that manufactured furniture for kitchens – but a rallying call from Antonina has elicited much help for owner Lukasz.

Record sharing and support
The town’s volunteer run website ( and its associated Facebook page ( showed the both the power of these in communication as well as the wonderful kindness of many people.
Within a few hours the article had reached over 20,000 and has since passed the 30,000 mark. Incredibly it has been shared nearly 250 times.
These are thought to be a local record – for which Whitchurch is thanked so if you want to advertise an event or have a story or article to share you know where to go – it is after all owned by the people of our town and its followers increase day-by-day.

But more importantly – Brilliant kindness
But it was the Whitchurch kindness that shone through with offers of help and suggestions, ranging from using The Men’s Shed at Laverstoke to a family’s unused equipment, and from offers to use a workshop and spray booth to links to auction sites with possible equipment.

When you see the devastation you can realise what destruction a fire can cause.

Fire 04From Antonina came the following update:

“Thank thank so much again for help – wow amazing to know how people have shown concern by sharing the tragic incident.
People of Whitchurch have been so amazing and really both Lukasz and I want to thank them for kind words and help. So far had a few calls from generous people that have bits of small machinery/appliances here and there that Lukasz found useful and still needs meet a few people. so absolutely amazing!!

Fire 06“The small update is that Lukasz is taking each day as it comes and with a few basic tools he already has from other people he is managing to get by bit by but things are not moving as fast as he had hoped.

“It’s tough starting a business from scratch. He’s lost all his equipment that any business owner would understand that machinery in this business is very expensive.

“His suppliers and close business contacts have been great by offering small discounts on material orders, as well as architects promising more jobs. But he needs the big machinery to get things up and running.

Fire 08“He isn’t looking for brand new stuff, more along the line of second hand or even auctioned machinery.

“So truthfully money is the issue at the moment and I know he’s a proud man that would not ask for money but I feel this may be the only solution for his business.

“I’m just not sure how serious this may look to people
And if they would see this as a cause to contribute to.

So if anyone can help in any way PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.