A question is being asked.

Does Whitchurch need a Town Plan (also called a Community Plan)?
What will our town be like in five or ten years time? Will it be a vibrant community? Will it be a commuters’ dormitory? Will it be a good place to live, both for existing residents and new?

A Town Plan is created by local people and sets visions for the future, whether they be for, traffic, housing or environmental improvements and looks towards creating a framework for the sort of town its own local residents actually want.

Do you care about the type of place Whitchurch could become? Do you feel it has a character worth keeping? Can anything be done to make Whitchurch the place local people are proud of?
Above all, how can local people have a say on where they live and what facilities it enjoys?

Last night a small but dedicated meeting of residents gathered in the town’s Council Chamber to see if Whitchurch did indeed require such a Plan. Several people from various backgrounds and groups discussed the aims of such a Plan, how one could be taken forward, and what the benefits may be.

Many will remember the Health Check of several years ago that led to the last Town Action Plan and the successes that resulted, both in economic and community aspects. These can be built on, and with this in mind the group is to hold an open public meeting on 12th July in the Town Hall, but watch this website for updates.

If anyone would like to support this initiative or have any comments they would like to make, they can send them to contact@whitchurch.org.uk

If you have a few minutes to spare, here is a short video about such Plans: