GD00345177_00001_1 Our Guide unit is very popular with 26 girls participating weekly and a long waiting list of girls wanting to join.

The current leader is stepping down at the end of July and it is essential we find someone to replace her and steer the ship forward. As it stands, we have 2 new volunteers willing to commit to helping the unit with the usual meetings, and an existing volunteer who will continue to help as and when she can. However, this does not allow the unit to continue in September without a volunteer willing to take over the leadership. Whilst the admin and planning can be organised as a group it is the leadership role that is still outstanding.

Hampshire North as a county provide excellent training opportunities and the leader will be well supported in their role by myself as District Commissioner, also other members of the district and division.

I am therefore pleading with you all to shout from the rooftops that we are really in need of one or two leaders to take on our wonderful unit.  I look forward to hearing from you to have a chat about more details about what is involved.

Natalie Philpott

District Commissioner