Whitchurch Films at the Gill Nethercott Centre, with its community-owned cinema, is going from strength to strength with the latest screening packing the audience in.
Toy Story 3 was almost standing room only as a screening in school half term showed the popularity for such events.

Andy is preparing to go off to college, but what happened to his toys? When accidentally donated to a daycare centre the toys planned their jailbreak. The audience of all ages was enthralled as the story developed.
And who counted that Ken wore 21 different outfits or that there are 302 characters in the film!

The Whitchurch Films team is now looking to the future with further screenings of top films. The next on the programme is Robin Hood, being shown on the evening of Sunday 21st November. Starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett and Matthew McFadden, this gritty retelling involves thrilling action sequences and powerful performances.

Then comes a family matinee,  Disney’s Christmas Carol on Saturday 11th December, being screened in conjunction with Whitchurch GreenAware. This is part of a full day of Christmas activities, including an environmentally-friendly Gift Fair, Father Christmas and the possibility of a community party with local musicians.

Additional films may also be added to the programme, so keep visiting WHITCHURCH FILMS to see the latest offerings.

Meanwhile, why not send your suggestions for films to:
enquiries@WhitchurchFilms.org.uk – your choice may even be selected.

Don’t forget:
WhitchurchFilms uses Blu-Ray or DVD discs, projected from a commercial-grade High Definition 1080p projector onto a 3m wide screen, with audio from a Dolby Digital surround-sound system.

What this means is that no matter where you sit, it looks great and sounds better.
The system is available for private hire as well, so you or our organisation can hold private screenings or fundraising movies.

You can ask for new or old releases to be booked for your private screening, or you can BYO.
Contact the Gill Nethercott Centre on 01256 896270.