The local ‘Good Causes’ that are to receive funds raised by local people through the Whitchurch Festival events been announced.

Several thousand pounds are raised each year from the main events which include the Pub Race, the Procession/Fete and the Fireworks. Much of the income goes back into financing these and other events for the people of Whitchurch.

However an amount is also distributed based on nominations from the community, this year being set at £600 which is being shared between the following:

Whitchurch Association
To help towards the cost of hiring the venue for their community event.

Grind Time Skate Fest
To help towards the overall cost of their new event.

Whitchurch Youth Project
To assist with the purchasing of materials and equipment for WYP art projects.

Rising 5’s
To help fund the cost of cameras for the children to use as part of their classroom learning and activities.

Newbury Special Needs Youth Club
To help towards the cost of transporting members of the Whitchurch Community to and from the Newbury Special Needs Youth Club.

Whitchurch History Society
To help towards the cost of hiring the venue for their community event.

The Whitchurch Festival Committee has said:

We would like to extend sincere congratulations to all those that have received awards and to also extend our sincere thanks and respect for the efforts they are making for the Whitchurch Community. We hope that these awards help everyone in achieving their goals.

The next Festival event is the Crowning of the Queen and Princess on May 5th

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