Whitchurch Councillor Keith Watts has written a full response to the report that will be considered at the meeting of Basingstoke & Deane’s Cabinet on Tuesday (see below).  He opposes the retention of a strip of land 20 metres wide for a possible future road and writes “My reasons for this are that the retention of a strip of land 20 metres wide:

  • would be a breach of trust with the people who took part in the ballot “save a space for me” organised by Fields in Trust.
  • is unnecessary because there are other access points to the Council’s adjacent land labelled WHIT10a in the SHLAA and, in the long term, development of the land could take advantage of a relief road for Micheldever Road provided by the development of SHLAA site WHIT18.
  • is foolish because development using an access across the QEII Field from Alliston Way will never be approved by the community under the Localism agenda.

Councillors Keith Watts and Eric Dunlop at Daniel Park.

Keith Watts adds that there is a much better plan in the long term, making use of a new relief road for Micheldever Road that can be started soon as part of a developent south of Testbourne School, as envisaged on this illustration.

Keith’s full written response can be read here.

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  • Keith Coomber

    It is about time we stood up to these demands and pressures from BDBC, who think they can run slipshod over the out reaches of the council area.
    Well done Keith.

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