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Each month a report of just some of the town activities is given by the Chairman/Mayor to the Town Council. Here is the latest presented to the Town Council on 1st October.


A firm base
Committees are now hard at work to creating their budgets for next year – now is the time to ensure plans for the future are incorporated. Our financial situation is now on a firm base. Although there are uncertainties over matters outside our control both local and national, we must remain focussed and build in possble requirements for change.
However, I believe we now have some of the best chances to provide added value for our town’s residents and we must not shy away from making bold decisions if we believe they are to the town’s benefit.

Reserves are now good and we have opportunities to finance some new or existing projects as well as tapping into developer funding and negotiating over obtaining additional facilities.
Silk Mill logo newIt is good to see our town’s number one tourist attraction now open and I’ll be at the Silk Mill’s official launch next week. Hopefully this will bring more people into the town who will see what we have to offer and also support the other businesses, adding to their economic viability.
I also attended the Christmas Planning meeting last week and there are some excellent ideas being formulated – one aspect raised was the need for an effective town business group which we have been lacking for some time and I am pleased to hear that some tentative moves are afoot. I wish them well and I hope the Town Council may be able to assist.

Just a few of the improvements underway…
Weir pathIt is also pleasing to see some moves on improving access to the river, a major wish from the Neighbourhood Plan consultations, and they are most welcome. I fully commend Fulling Mill for their exciting and sensitive plans for the stretch between the All Hallows and the Weir. I understand the Watercress and Winterbournes Project may also have some ideas on access elsewhere which, while limited, may hopefully come to fruition.
In the Town Centre the work in the Square on the roundabout is soon to commence and the Experimental Parking Order is presently being examined. Hopefully the results of both should improve our centre.

Thank you to those who have responded on the website and a tentative timetable has been set for its creation. One aspect will need to be revisting use of emails by individual Councillors and introducing a robust system for records as well as an improved social media presence.

Poppy FlowersmWW1 100th Anniversary
World War 1 commemoration plans continue and our new bench has been delivered with arrangements for a launch underway. One wish I have is that many will be able to support the many activities. Dates and times will be announced.

We are entering a very busy time and expectations from our residents are rightly high. Although we are all volunteers and carry out our roles in our own time, we must always remember our responsibilities to them and our wonderful town.

The above is only a very small part of what takes place.
If anyone wishes to contact me on anything – always willing to chat – just email:
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