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Each month a report of just some of the town activities is given by the Chairman/Mayor to the Town Council. Here is the latest presented to the full Town Council on 4th February.



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Welcome to our first full Council Meeting and Report of 2019, a year which I predict to be a colossal one for this Council and for Whitchurch.

Planning ahead
Last year saw the real start of putting into place the blocks for a number of potential large projects. These will require a considerable increase in commitment and responsibility by Town Councillors, while at the same time the existing responsibilities will all continue. Some major decisions will need to be taken that will set directions for some years ahead as management of land, facilities and the resulting financial responsibilities become necessary. A high level of business acumen will be required.

The future – and an election
This year the full Town Council is up for election and I would personally urge that we try and bring in new blood and encourage others to stand. A turnover is essential for a healthy organisation. I certainly look forward to a new Chairman for our Council as their role is going to be crucial, and I hope for an influx of new faces and skills too.

Town Hall ChamberThinly stretched
We have a very good team but it can be thinly stretched with some Councillors taking on some onerous and time-consuming roles in their volunteer capacities. I urge Councillors to look at how any imbalances can be dealt with. We, of course, will also need to be deciding whether we stand again or not and some early indication amongst ourselves might be helpful.

Just some of the issues being dealt with
I have attended site meetings with Basingstoke and Hampshire over parking issues in and around the schools, over bus stop locations, school bus drop offs and improvements to Bell Street Car Park which has suffered flooding.
I’ll also be at BDBC’s Planning meeting this week after we decided to not to object to a residents’ application yet officers are recommending refusal.

Recycling logoWaste and Recycling
I was very pleased to hear Claire Isbester’s presentation to BDBC on Waste and Recycling but more than disappointed that BDBC is so low in the national standings. Thanks must also go to Chloe Ashfield for taking so many residents’ problems with refuse collection forward.

Richard Adams Sculpture Bewley Homes 01smHighlights
Other highlights have been the unveiling of the Richard Adams sculpture although I share the frustration of the sculptor in the restrictions imposed by the Borough Council. The Cooperative Funeral Services 1st Anniversary, All Hallows Carols and Readings were all much enjoyed, while it is also good to see our new litter bins in use, our second new seat in the Rec being sat on – and jumped on. Hearing that our outdoor gym is now on order is good news too. It is these ‘little’ things that add up and make Whitchurch a lovely place.

SquareThe Square
And at long last – the works on the Square have started. This has led to a flurry of questions, comment and some interesting questions, not all positive. In days when communication channels are so readily and easily available I shake my head at how we still don’t get informed of what is going on on our doorstep.

Community 1 smAnnual Awards and Town Assembly
Finally, the Annual Community Awards and Town Assembly are creeping up (Saturday 2nd March) and I hope all will be able to attend, as it will be an opportunity for a Q & A session with residents – so important given the increase in new people coming to live in Whitchurch. Support is needed to run this event.

(Note Deadline for Award Nominations is 8th February)


The above is only a very small part of what takes place.
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