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People from town and further afield came to see the art show, and to meet special guest Richard Adams, author of Watership Down.

The Whitchurch Arts show 2012 in the Gill Nethercott Centre this past weekend was substantial and spectacular: Many paintings, pictures, sculptures and designs by local artists were on display, and the show attracted people from near and far.

The highlight for many came on Sunday when they had the opportunity to meet and chat with Richard Adams, author of Watership Down. A new 40th anniversary edition of his classic book has just been published in the USA and it features prints by local painter Aldo Galli. Many of the paintings that appear in the new book were on display.

(see below for a video interview of Aldo and Richard)

One family from the USA, and currently living in Poland, made the trip to Whitchurch for the show because their 11-year old daughter had started drawing hundreds of cartoons based on the book. They were thrilled to meet in person with the author and spent much time getting to know one another. Other fans came from towns across southern England.

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The 40th Anniversary Edition of 'Watership Down' by Richard Adams with illustrations by Aldo Galli (USA only).

The organiser of the show, Graham Burgess, said, “The underlying theme of the Arts show was ‘substance’. I sought to reveal the raw materials that anyone can see around them. Then some early clues as to how one may apply cleverness to create something.”

Also displaying some of his works at the show was Charles Lutyens, the great-nephew of the architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. Charles was commissioned in 1963 to create a mosaic mural of “Angels of the Heavenly Host” in St. Paul’s Church, Bow Common, London.

The composer and guitar teacher Vincent Lindsey-Clark played several of his pieces for the people who had come in on Saturday evening. Afterwards, the locally produced ‘Welecome to Whitchurch‘ movie was screened.

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Local artist, and bollard painter, Steve Miller displayed some of his recent work at the show.


Painter Steve Miller had several of his recent pieces on display at the show. Many people in town will be familiar with his works in the town centre: most of the bollards and signs at the White Hart and Kings Arms were painted by him. Some have started referring to Steve as Whitchurch’s Banksy!

Several other local artists and members of Whitchurch Arts displayed their paintings, pictures, sculptures and drawings, or performed their works – an amazing range of high quality work in so many mediums ranging from paper, metal, paint and stone of various types.

Visit the WHITCHURCH ARTS website for more details and photos from the show. The video interview of the painter Aldo Galli and the author Richard Adams is on the town website’s YouTube channel HERE.

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