This years Pairs KO final will see former Kings Arms player Craig Rees attempt to win the trophy for the third year running after winning the title with Ron George and then last year with John Heredge. This year he is partnering Andy Churchill. Both players have been playing for The Southampton Arms. Their opponents are Darren Robinson and Les Smith from The George Doors (St. Mary Bourne) playing in their first pairs final. Les has previously played for The Harvest Home and The Bell while Darren has played for The Railway, Kings Arms and the Whitchurch sports and social club.

Semi Finals

Craig Rees/Andy Churchill beat Paul Eastman/Richard Belcher (Shots in the Hart) 3-1

Les Smith/Darren Robinson beat Charlie Wheatley/Neville Bright (Kings Missfitts) 3-0

Quarter Finals

Craig Rees/Andy Churchill beat Simon Grove/Ross Stickland (Prince Reunion) 2-0

Paul Eastman/Richard Belcher beat Owen Young/Graham Parker (Southampton Arms) 2-0

Les Smith/Darren Robinson beat John Wright/Shane Coughtrey (Hairy Potters) 2-1

Charlie Wheatley/Neville Bright beat Alan Phippen/Alan Walters (WSSC) 2-1

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