Week 7 League Matches

Doors and Windows

Every home game for the George Doors team in the George St Mary Bourne is eventful. Reports from every team that go there are basically the same. Nice Pub, nice table, nice people but with an iddy biddy amount of playing space. In one area around the table a window has to be opened as there is not enough room to play the shot and the butt of the pool cue needs to be out of the window. This week’s visiting team was Prince Reunion who started off the blocks the quickest to take a 3 -0 lead including a win for unbeaten captain Luke Stickland over George captain Jason Davis. The George took 2 of the remaining 3 singles games with Rupert Tyson (George) keeping his unbeaten record also. The 1st pairs game went to the George to make it 3-4 before Simon Grove and Ross Stickland wrapped the match up for the Prince. The final game was won by the home pairing of Darren Robinson and landlord Ricky Jepson.
Final score George Doors 4 Prince Reunion 5

Royal Rumble

The Hairy Potter’s showed some good form in the early games at home to the Kings Missfits winning 3 of the 1st four singles games and an early pairs game (played due to a Kings player needing to leave early) to take a 4-1 lead only for the Kings to peg them back by winning the next 3 games to take it to a match deciding pairs contest between Kevin Birks/Dirk Marsh (Potters) and Mick Gotham/Charlie Wheatley (Missfits). All 4 players having won their singles it was set for a close encounter. Early control went to the Missfitts pairing until eagle eyed referee Shane Coughtrey spotted a foul by Mick which allowed the Potters to get back into the game. With the game closely poised Kevin should have had an easy clear up of his last 2 balls and the black but after potting his final ball the cue ball finished up within millimetres of the black. With a difficult shot to play and a lot of friendly barracking he approached the table. Unfortunately for the Missfits Kevin shrives on barracking and noise and screwing down on top of the cue ball sent the blackball rocketing into the corner pocket.
Final score Hairy Potter and the Half Cut Prince 5 Kings Missfits 4

Top two take no prisoners

Joint leaders Southampton Arms and WSSC were in awesome form again this week both winning 9-0 to open up a gap from the rest of the pack.
The Kings Ladies who haven’t really got going this season were the Arms victims. Returning captain John Francis lead his team to victory who were without their top unbeaten player Chris Newman. Richard Thompson stepped in for his 3rd game this year, which all have been won, after a couple of years break from the league. The Ladies still have plenty of games to play for them to start putting some better results together.
WSSC beat Shots in the Hart who have had some good results this year but were just outplayed for this match with Paul Eastman losing his 1st match of the season. Captain Rob Minall started the ball rolling and the rest of his team followed suit. The rest of the league have a lot of catching up to do.

This week is the pairs knockout played down to the last eight.

For league table and stats visit http://waopool.leaguerepublic.com

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