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Week 4

Fight back of Champions

Reigning champions WSSC had to come from behind in their match at The Kings Arms against the Missfits. They trailed 3-2 before winning the last singles and the first 2 pairs to claim the 5 points to win the match. Missfits pairing Joe Ashton and Neville Bright won the last game to end it 5-4 to WSSC. The other Missfits winners were Josh Harper, Charlie Wheatley and Joe Ashton all in the singles. Singles winners for WSSC were Alan Walters, Malcolm Sopp and Darren Boxall with Malcolm Sopp/Richard Sopp and Alan Walters/Darren Boxall winning their pairs.

It’s a game of 3 halves?

Southampton Arms took a 3 nil lead away to the Prince Reunion only to be pegged back to 3-3 at the end of the singles. They came strong again in the pairs winning 2 of the 3 games to win the match. Singles winners were Richard Thompson, Craig Rees, Chris Newman (Arms). Mark Walters,Bret Carter, Luke Stickland (Reunion). In the pairs Richard Thompson/Craig Rees and Andy Churchill/Owen Young won for the Arms and Simon Grove/Ross Stickland won for the Reunion.

Broken Hart

At the White Hart previously unbeaten in the league Shots in the Hart lost a close encounter 4-5 against Hairy Potter and the Half Cut Prince who had lost their opening 3 league matches. Winners for the Hart were Richard Belcher, Adam Wheatley and Paul Eastman in the singles and Andy Witts/Paul Eastman in the Pairs. Potters winners were Kevin Birks, Danny McDonald and Ashley Fletcher in the singles and Matt Dowling/Bill Blythe and Kevin Birks/Ashley Fletcher in the pairs.

What are the scores George Doors

A pretty one sided game at the Old House at Home saw the away team George Doors win 6-3. Winners were Alan Strong, Jason Davis, Rupert Tyson, Les Smith, Colin Chiltern/Les Smith and Alan Strong/Jason Davis (George). Nathan Rae, Ian Williams, Ian Williams/Ying Shum (Old House)

Week 5

Fight Back of Kings

George Doors took a 2-0 then a 4-1 lead against the Kings Missfits but then a strong finish by the Missfits saw them win the remaining 4 games to win the match 5-4. Special mention goes to young Josh Harper (Missfits) who has won all 5 of his singles this season.

Bumper week for the Prince Regent

Both Prince teams produced big wins to get their seasons back on track. The Hairy Potters had an 8-1 win at home to The Old House only losing the last game of the night. The Prince Reunion went one better with a 9-0 win away to the Kings Ladies.

And finally……..

In the final matchup Southampton Arms beat The Shots in the Hart 7-2. (sorry no report, which has nothing to do with me being tired and needing to go to bed) to take a 1 point lead over WSSC at the top of the league table with both teams having played 4 matches

League tables and result/fixtures can be found HERE.

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