Where are our bags?

Last month we ran an article about cotton bags that were to be provided to all Whitchurch residents through local businesses, Stalled Cotton Bag Project – Welcome News.

Over £3000 of town-funding had been awarded to Mr Cooper of Working 4 Whitchurch to obtain and distribute the bags which featured a design created by the local Rainbow Brownies.

Whilst they were delivered from the supplier six months ago, they have still not been distributed. The bag design already says 2009, and it will soon be 2011!

Businesses, residents and the children who had put in so much work have been left in the dark. After many delays the last promised distribution, as reported here, did not take place. One business owner, said “this was public money that has now been thrown away”.

Requests for information on the delivery and for a statement from the Chairman of Working 4 Whitchurch have not been answered.

Further information will be published here when known.


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