A moving and heart-wrenching composition which brings together the memory of a loved sister and respect for soldiers serving in wars abroad could be a breakthrough for a local musician.

Ben van Rensburg is seeking support for his music, aiming to reach the finals of ‘MTV Brand New For 2012’, and has submitted his song ‘When you come home’ which now requires votes from the public to progress to the next stage.

International stars
This annual competition is for the top 10 hottest brand new artists to go head to head on special on-air MTV spotlights, with the winner to be filmed performing live for MTV in the New Year. The competition has identified international stars such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Kei$ha.

The coveted tenth spot
Nine acts, have already been selected which are already signed artists which are on the verge of breaking into the mainstream.
This tenth spot is for an unknown, unsigned act, voted for by the public, and Ben’s ambition is to take that place, having already successfully made the shortlist to allow voting.

Ben has submitted his highly moving and though provoking track which was written and recorded here in Whitchurch earlier this year.

No one can fail to be moved by this excellent composition which reaches deep into the emotions.

Watch and listen
Ben needs as many people to vote as possible.
This is a chance to put a young musician from Whitchurch on the centre stage.
Listen to the song and watch the video here:


VOTE: ‘When you come home’
(note you may have to create an account, which takes just a couple of seconds but you can also log in using your Facebook ID if you have one).

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