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The Plans for a massive Waste Incinerator less than 4 miles south west of Whitchurch were first announced on this website on the 19th February and information flyers produced by local campaign group, Keep Test Valley Beautiful have recently been delivered by Whitchurch volunteers to households in Whitchurch and Tufton. To date, Wheelabrator has failed to deliver on their promise made to Whitchurch Town Council and local MP Kit Malthouse, to hold a public meeting in Whitchurch.

The proposed incineration plant would be built beside the A303 just the other side of Longparish and the size being proposed could make it the 10th largest Power Station/Incinerator in the UK (out of 250). It would be 3 to 5 times the size of the huge Marchwood plant at Southampton, be just 900m from the River Dever, 1.2km from the River Test and just 4 miles from Whitchurch.  The high-rise industrial complex would be up to 55m high and could have emission stacks ‘the height of Big Ben’.

It is understood that Wheelabrator expect the site to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with lorry movements on and off site every 4 minutes.

Latest News from the campaign group Keep Test Valley Beautiful

Keep Test Valley Beautiful spokesman Andy Jolliffe said, “After submitting the “scoping report” the US company Wheelabrator are expected to make a formal planning application in the coming months unless our evidence can persuade them otherwise.

We are now in the “phoney war” phase, as Wheelabrator work behind the scenes to prepare their application. This gives us valuable time to arm ourselves with facts, which we believe will defeat the scheme.

Contracts are being drawn up by the campaign group Keep Test Valley Beautiful with top experts. One will study the effects of the noxious emissions on the Test and Bourne rivers as well as local lakes and water meadows. Others will study the potential impact on air quality and the aquifer as well as the consequences of up to 400 additional lorry movements daily at the Raymond Brown site where the incinerator would be located.

The enhanced light pollution caused by a 24-hour operation is another major issue.

P1060126Keep Test Valley Beautiful spokesman Andy Jolliffe said “We must obtain detailed opinions from people who are qualified experts in their field.  Only the views of leading specialists are likely to be considered seriously by the Government Inspectors.

He added: “Some people are hoping this problem will simply go away. I wish we could be that optimistic…but there is no doubt Wheelabrator are serious about this scheme. We can only win this fight with evidence and facts, not emotions.”

All this and much else, such as building the website, is already costing a lot of money which is why we are setting our funding target at a minimum of £100,000” If you would like to make a donation to the fund the easiest way is via the website bintheincinerator.co.uk and click on the donate button. This will take you to Longparish Community Association page who are supporting the campaign. LCA will claim gift aid on your donation if you are eligible and send the funds and the Gift Aid to Keep Test Valley Beautiful.

You can also pay funds direct to Sort code: 309626 Account no: 48820068 or send a cheque payable to Keep Test Valley Beautiful c/o Middleton Estate Office, Longparish, Andover, Hampshire SP11 6PL and enclose your address or email so it can be acknowledged. 

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Declare a Climate Change Emergency

On the 18th July Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council declared a Climate Change Emergency. The motion received cross party support and was passed unanimously; Whitchurch Councillor Chloe Ashfield’s speech to Council can be heard here. Motion to Declare a Climate Change Emergency


Follow these links to read the full Scoping Report and Scoping Opinion (together with letters from Parish, Borough and County Councils).

Wheelabrator’s Scoping Report to Planning Inspectorate

Wheelabrator EN010104-000036-WHAR – Scoping Opinion

To keep up to date with Keep Test Valley Beautiful Keep Test Valley Beautiful and bintheincinerator.co.uk

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