Incinerator Nov2019The American giant Wheelabrator plans to build a plant that is said to be as big as two Winchester Cathedrals and cause damage to health, pollution of land and rivers, harm wildlife and result in 400 heavy lorry journeys per day. Campaigners from the Keep Test Valley Beautiful group say the prevailing wind will spread emissions over the Whitchurch and Overton areas and also over Andover, St Mary Bourne, Chilbolton, Winchester and all places between.

The number of objections mount

Whitchurch Town Council has joined with 3,500 respondents from Whitchurch and surrounding villages in condemning the proposal saying,

“There can be few places in the UK that would be so destroyed by such an environmentally damaging industrial complex than the beautiful tranquil countryside of the Test Valley and mid-Hampshire. This proposal will have an unacceptable effect on the health, well-being and economy of the residents and businesses”.

Just 2 days left in which to register your objection to the proposed Wheelabrator incinerator.

Local residents are urged to send in their comments and can use the Town Council objection for ideas. Objections need only be brief  if wished.

A pdf to download is here: Wheelabrator-Incinerator-Objection

Please make your comments via the online form, or by emailing Wheelabrator:

1. Visit

2. email comments and questions to Wheelabrator:
and please also copy to

DEADLINE is 5.00pm Thursday 12th DECEMBER.