As the official town website heads towards its third birthday the site continues to increase in popularity with many more local groups and individuals providing material and registering as ‘Contributors’.

Amongst the latest to join those who add their own material directly are such diverse groups as the Marina School of Dancing, the Whitchurch and Overton Pool League and the Whitchurch Parish Hall.
All are very warmly welcomed.

The site is wholly managed by volunteers from the local charity, the Whitchurch Association, who have recently been looking to see what, if any, improvements could be made. Included in these are two ‘administration’ tasks.

The team is presently working on a FAQ which will cover the most commonly asked questions, and would like some help in compiling this.

Are there questions you may have about the site?
If so please send them along as they may be helpful in deciding the FAQ content.

The team is also looking at developing a Social Media Policy, as the site regularly uses Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any views on an FAQ or a Social Media Policy, please pass them along to:

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  • Karen Stapleford

    The Facebook page should be a Page, not a Person. If you changed it I would ‘like’ it.

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