With the introduction of faster broadband to Whitchurch, the town has become a focal point for looking at alternative technologies, with a number of communication companies investigating its potential for future developments.

Information conduits
One, which until recently has been under wraps, has been the use of other service lines such as water piping and even drainage systems for the distribution of information. As the developers say, there is already a common infrastructure to nearly all buildings, and it could be used for a variety of purposes. The era of single-use conduits is old-school thinking.

Testing underway
A test is underway this morning using harmless food dyes on some of the town’s water system. A number of homes may see a faint tint of blue or red marker within their water as the ‘routes’ taken by the supplies are checked for suitability.
Please note that the dye is completely harmless and all traces will be dispersed by noon.

Have you been selected?
Homes receiving the test markers successfully may subsequently be selected for further controlled tests with cables being attached to the water lines, creating a possible new means of forwarding fast stream communications.

If you are one of the lucky households and have seen a blue or a red colouration you may be eligible to be part of an exciting future for the town.
If your water was coloured, for further details of how to sign up see the special information page set up on this website:

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