The Mayor opens the meeting

Every year those who are elected to serve the people of Whitchurch, together with a number of other organisations meet at the Annual Town Assembly to provide feedback on their activities, as well as plans for the future.

Town Mayor Cllr Barry Jackman, in one of his last roles holding the chain of office opened the proceedings which were held in the Parish Hall. Next year it will be the turn of Cllr Jackie Day to oversee the event.

The presentations showed the wealth of activity that takes place in the town, much of it behind the scenes and which rarely makes the headlines.
The range of topics stretched from WADS looking for young vampires to Christmas hampers for the elderly; from support for young people to hanging pictures around the town. Housing behind Winchester Road, numbers of speeding vehicles, the Carnival, the 20mph Whitchurch Minute, as well as Fireworks, Bells at the Jubilee and even paper plates hanging on fishing wire made the evening one full of interest.

PC Paula gives the Police Report to local residents.

REPORTS made to the meeting:

  • Town Council Report
  • County Councillor’s Report
  • Borough Councillors’ Reports
  • Police Report
  • Town Hall Trustees’ Report
  • Welfare Trust Report
  • Whitchurch Festival Committee Report
  • Whitchurch Association Report (including this website)
  • Road Safety
  • Youth Project and Youth Centre Trust
  • Whitchurch Millennium Green Trust Report
  • Whitchurch Arts
  • Whitchurch Amateur Dramatic Society Report
  • ______________________

    Comments (2)

    • Keith Watts

      My apologies to all those who suffered my illegible slides. The same colour text was perfectly readable in two previous presentations at the Gill Nethercott Centre.
      The Gill NC is the obvious venue for events like this with its high quality inbuilt audio / visual facility.

    • Concerned Winchester Road Resident

      Re the Winchester Road housing plan shown at the meeting by the Lib Dem councillors, as the person who owns the land shown for development owns all the fields right up from Winchester Road to Micheldever Road and his ultimate goal is to build on it all, if permission is given for this proposal is it just a stepping stone to a future “hugh” number of houses / development??

      Also the plan shows the demolition of 123 Winchester Road, but at the moment an elderly couple live there (they have lived there for over 20 years and have a number of years left on their lease) and I wonder how they feel about their local councillors just showing “their HOME” being flattened!!

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